Solar System . Solar Pump . On-grid System

Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

1. Solar Energy:

Solar energy generated via solar panels (also known as Photovoltaic Solar or PV solar) is one of the most sustainable ways we have of generating energy and electricity today. First and foremost solar panels produce electricity without emissions of any kind. Solar panels are a proven, time tested, highly evolved technology and are ready for use now, and as the industry expands solar panels are becoming increasingly effective and cost efficient.  And not only is electric power from solar panels free from greenhouse gas emissions, it’s also an infinite resource.

EcoSun have a strong expertise in solar energy in Cambodia from small scale for a family to medium scale for offices, schools, health centers, orphanages, businesses, enterprises...etc. 

1. Solar panels: 3w, 20w, 50w, 80w, 100w, 130w, 150W, 250W and custom solar panels....


2. Solar home system:  Light your home with the best alternate source of energy and look forward to opening your electric bill.


We offer a diverse amount of solar home lighting system that is durable and is extremely cost effective. These lighting systems are easy to install and can also be tailor made as per the requirements of individual clients.

EcoSun provides the following services:

  • Engineering and planning
  • Installation of the complete system
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Installation of security systems if needed

    3. Solar Water Pumping Systems: Solar Panels are used to generate the electricity. This generated electricity can be used for powering family pump-sets and agriculture pump-sets, thereby reducing the dependence on the non renewable fuel like Diesel. 


    EcoSun provides several services here:

    • Engineering and planning
    • Installation of the complete system
    • Operation and maintenance
    • Installation of security systems if needed

    4. Custom solar energy services, such as solar refrigeration system, solar backup system....etc.

    2. Biodigester

    Biogas digesters exploit a naturally occurring microbial process that breaks down organic waste, like manure, into a biogas that is 60-70% methane. The high concentration of methane makes biogas an excellent source of renewable energy. Inside the anaerobic (no air) chamber, the methane gas that would normally be released into the atmosphere is trapped in a reservoir. When ignited, methane gas generates heat that can be used for heating, lighting, or cooking. EcoSun technical team has many years of experiences in biodigester technology innovation in Cambodia since 2002 from plastic biogas model to the latest model of concrete cement model, we can design and install custom biogas models throughout the county. Learn more....

    EcoSun provides several services here:

    1. Feasibility study and planning
    2. Construction design
    3. Install all models of biogas for family and medium scale
    4. Install custom biogas model from 2m3 to over 100m3 depending on cost effective and location
    5. Maintenance service for all existing biogas models
    6. Supply all biogas materials, biogas generator

    Renewable Energy:

    Renewable energy is energy that comes from resources which are continually replenished such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. As concerns about rising fossil fuel prices, energy security, and climate change increase, renewable energy can play a key role in producing local, clean, and inexhaustible energy. Renewable resources, over the long term, can provide energy at a known cost that is not susceptible to the vagaries of fossil fuel supply and demand.

    According to ADB, solar is the most potential energy in Cambodia, able to generate up to 5100MW, small hydro power up to about 300MW, and biomass and biogas up to about 45MW. However, less than 1% of this potential is currently realised. With technical knowledge and experiences of EcoSun, 3 major components of renewable energy were chosen due to its potentiality and local resource availability in Cambodia including biodigester, solar and small micro-hydropower.

    EcoSun specialised in three sectors:

    1. Solar Products &Services 
    2. Biomass Cookstoves
    3. Biodigester
                     Solar Home System

                   Solar pump system

    On-grid solar system

    Biogas cook stove