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Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

Why EcoSun?                   

The main national energy sources in Cambodia come from firewood, charcoal, kerosene, LPG, and electricity. Fuel wood contributes 92%, which is around 5.33 million metric tons per year of total national energy consumption. Charcoal contributes 4.3% or about 33,700 metric ton per year of total national energy consumption. According to the National Institute of Statistics in 1998, 90% of households use firewood and 5.3% utilize charcoal nationwide. The current requirement for energy consumption is mainly fuel wood from the forest which has contributed to huge deforestation. The total forest coverage area in 1965 was 73%, which has decreased down to 59.82% in 1992/93. Currently, a wide range of sustainable energy to replace these traditional sources seems very limited in Cambodia even though the Government has established a goal of increasing access to the grid power for the rural population to 70% by 2030.


Presently up to 85% of Cambodia’s population lacks access to modern energy services. The vast majority live in rural areas of the poorest regions. The crucial link between energy and poverty has made the issue of major importance for the city/urban and rural communities. Therefore EcoSun specialised in enegy saving technologies and renewable energy sources provided a sustainable energy solution that has the potential to contribute an important part in decreasing deforestation, environmental conservation as well as developing the country.


Thus, EcoSun play important roles as a social agency to provide a sustainable alternative source to combat with the energy shortage throughout Cambodia, that would meet the basic household needs such as cooking, drawing water, heating and lighting. We would also achieve long-term energy sustainability, create employment, generate income on and off the farm, improve agro productivity, standards of living and reduce CO2 emissions, fossil fuel use for power, deforestation, land degradation and pollution.

Who We Are?

We are operating a social business to provide energy solution services in Cambodia, especially rural communities. Cambodia is among the poorest countries in the world that economic growth was relatively high, around 7% annually. However, only 26% of Cambodia’s population accessed to grid electricity, one of the lowest electrification rates in the world (ADB, 2011). Electricity prices ranging widely from 600 riel/kWh to 4,000 riel/kWh for grid power supply. Thus, unsustainable energy supply and high price limited the family incomes and opportunities for livelihoods development as well as generate negative impact for environment.

EcoSun is specializing in energy saving technologies and renewable energy. We have the expert teams who have many years of experiences in energy engineer and renewable energy to provide reliable and quality services. All our technologies can help families, communities, institution, government, private sectors and NGOs to reduce electricity costs, accidents from electricity problem, and finally contribute to reduce burden electricity supplies such as EDC and government and global environment. So EcoSun can contribute to solve the following issues:


  • Reduce dependency on imported electricity from neighbor countries
  • Burden on electricity supplied by EDC and MIME
  • Reduce the cost of electricity consumption and finally saving electricity bill
  • Reduce electricity accidents and danger
  • Increase family income and contribute to economic growth
  • Supporting global environment conservation effort and climate change

Ecosun's Management structure

We design the structure that fit to our expertise to ensure the best and reliable quality and services for our clients!


We operate through three main programs below:

1. Renewable energy: provide intensive trainings on biogas, solar and small micro hydropower. We services on installation and maintenance of bio-digester models for both family and medium farm scale from 2 cubic meters to over 100 cubic meters. We also supply and install solar panels, solar pump system, quality battery and its accessories. And, the last product is small micro-hydropower, we are able to do feasibility study, install and maintain this micro-hydropower technology from 200w to 100Kw, especially pico-hydropower for family scale. We also supply the materials for installation as well as custom turbines for all kinds of micro-hydro. Learn more...!

2. Saving energy technology: We supply and maintain the electrical materials/equipments, saving energy lamp/LEDs, saving fuel generators, backup generators, electrical accessories, saving energy air-conditions, fans, accessories and so on. Learn more...!

3. Energy consultation and audit: We can consult with all customers to provide the best option for energy solution for home, office, and other energy consumption purposes as well as to audit the current energy consumption. Then, you will know how much energy and money you can save every month from your current electricity bill? Learn more...!

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