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Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development


Background, Vision and Mission      ​​​​          ​​​  ​​​ ​​                ​​​​     ​                                                  មើលតំលៃពិសេ 

EcoSun is a social enterprise working toward to energy/ electricity solution for people and communities in Cambodia. EcoSun established in June 2008 by a group of experienced and expertise people in energy and renewable energy, including saving energy, electrical engineer, biogas, solar, small micro hydropower, as well as rural development, agriculture engineer, environment and climate change.


Our Vision

“ Reliable renewable energy for sustainable development in Cambodia”


Our Mission: Increase energy efficiency and free energy sources for those who accessed or not accessed to grid or off-grid electricity in the city, urban, and rural area through installing and maintaining renewable energy sources and saving energy and quality electrical products from the advance technologies.


Our Values:

- Excellent service

- Quality

- Partnership

- Respect to environment

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Solar home system for rural families, solar pumps, off-grid and on-grid solar system, very popular in Cambodia.

Medium scale biogas for a farm, can connect to a generator for free electricity. 

Small micro hydropower, tubular turbine, can generate 20Kw for a small village.
Add: #264B, St. 217(Moniret), Stung Meanchey Brigde, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tel: 855 23 6664666, email: [email protected]